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Team Long Island where "We believe in Coaching not Poaching

Are you unhappy with this year’s placement by your travel program? TEAM LONG ISLAND may be for you!

5 tournaments and hours of training for under a thousand dollars


We at Team Long Island lacrosse believe that it is all about skills and Lacrosse IQ. Our goal is to teach each player the why behind each drill and skill that is being taught. We then want them to understand how to take what is being taught and transfer it into game situations. Ask any college coach what he wants’ in the player he is recruiting the   answer; it’s to measure the player’s values, skill level, athleticism, Academic standing and lacrosse IQ. We at Team Long Island also believe in not wasting your hard earned money by wasting it on unnecessary frills. We instead put it to good use by covering the costs of not only the tournaments but more important, training, teaching skills and lacrosse IQ. Those are the things that make your child a better lacrosse player


Our training program which is our Pride and number one goal, is second to none SKILLS, SKILLS, SKILLS is our motto as it will be again this year. Beginning with our Fall & Winter program which consists of over 26 hours of indoor training by some of the top trainers in the game today. We have college, high school and ex professional coaches and players leading our staff.   


This is an area I am very proud of. Having been a college, high school and pro coach over the last 30 years has enabled me to create close relationships with a wide variety of College coaches in Division 1, 2 or 3. Every player’s ability, academic standing and educational preference are different and over the years we have been able to place players in a school that is not only a good fit academically but also athletically. My son is a division 1 coach who keeps me informed of all the changing trends in the college lacrosse recruiting world. Our focus is to provide each team with the best competition against like-minded clubs and to put our recruiting age players in front of the college coaches. We are a member of the passport alliance (see affiliates) which consists of the top 11 recruited clubs in the country. This alliance holds three tournaments and three individual showcases over the summer, “THE BEST OF THE BEST” “BATTLE OF BALTIMORE” AND “THE LIBERTY BELL CHALLENGE” which saw 80 to 100 college coaches attending all three days of these tournaments.  Our alliance paid these coaches and put them up in hotels to insure our players got to showcase their skills in front of the coaches. For our recruiting age players we are proud to be one of the few travel programs that is invited to the inside Lacrosse invitational rounding off a great tournament schedule and one that successfully provided an avenue for our players to showcase the skills that get them recruited.

 In closing if you’re looking for the hype and the feeding of egos Team Long Island is not your club. If you’re looking for your son to become a better player and to have fun and be prepared to play at the next level well then Team Long Island is for you. Visit us at and set up a tryout we are looking for a few players in each position to fill a few spots

Team Long Island Tryout times and dates announced

Team Long Island tryout dates and times are set. Starting

Monday August 22nd 6pm to 7:30 pm 2025 & 2026 tryout

Monday August 22nd 7:30 pm to 9 pm 2023 & 2024 tryout

Tuesday August 23rd 6pm to 7:30 pm  2022

Tuesday August 23rd 7:30pm to 9 pm 2020 & 2021 tryout

Wednesday August 24th 5:30 pm to 7pm  2023

Thursday August 25th   6pm to 7:30 pm  2022

Thursday August 25th  7:30pm to 9 pm 2020 & 2021

Friday August 26th 6pm to 7:30pm  2024-2025-2026 tryout


Every age group will have at least 4 different times to try out go to as many as you can. remember to go to the home page and click the tab on the left side that reads register online (new) then follow the directions and register your son for his graduating year for example 2022 summer of 16/17 tryout.  Please register as soon as you can so we can print your team long island tryout reversible

Thanks and Go Team Long Island!!!

by posted 11/07/2012
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