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Team Long Island where "We believe in Coaching not Poaching



. The reason for this post is to first thank the coaches who coached our teams last year. They all stepped up and made sure that every child became a better player. Most if not all went over and above what was expected of them reaching into there pockets to help and giving there time to insure the cost of participating was kept to a minimum which once again made us the club that played in more tournaments (6) and charge the least amount. Next let me assure everyone that contrary to the rumors that our competitors have started, Team Long Island Lacrosse will be back for another season stronger than ever. We are currently in discussions that will expand our territory and allow us access to a larger player pool and additional training resources to continue providing your child with all the tools necessary to bring them to the next level. We will soon be announcing the addition of Top level and highly respected coaches and trainers to our staff. Team tryouts will be held in a few weeks the dates are being finalized and will be released early next week. The club lacrosse business has grown drastically and is in my opinion out of control. Many clubs promise you the world and charge you an outrageous fee. Team Long Island has always been an old school club focusing on Family, Team, Lacrosse IQ and Skills, Skills, Skills. We have taken our lumps in numbers over the last few years due to people chasing the promised rainbow. I am happy to hear from many of you that you are tired of the B.S. and understand its all about development and teaching your child to be a well rounded lacrosse player on and off the field. As a family we thank you for once again believing in us and our philosophies and welcome you back with open arms.  



Our training program which is our Pride and number one goal, was second to none SKILLS, SKILLS, SKILLS was our motto as it will be again this year. Starting with our winter program which consisted of over 26 hours of indoor training utilizing some of the top training tools in the game today. We had dedicated coaches and college players leading our staff. We are proud to announce that once again we will be holding our fall and winter skill sessions at the All Star Arena which is one of the best facilities on Long Island. We also plan on partnering up with the arena to hold tournaments and events that will take our program to the next level all why adding the fun factor while teaching our boys over the winter. We have reached out to our local college  staffs and have offered them the opportunity to help train our boys over the winter months.



We at Team Long Island lacrosse believe that it is all about skills and Lacrosse IQ. Our goal is to teach each player the why behind each drill and skill that is being taught. We then want them to understand how to take what is being taught and transferring it to game situations. Whether you are a A or B level player the skills should be the same. How we measure the success of a season is not on how many games or championships are won  but if the “Player got better” ask any college coach if he cares how many games or championships a player he is recruiting won. They could care less; they want to measure the player’s values, skill level, athleticism, Academic standing and lacrosse IQ, everything we at Team Long Island believe in.




This is an area I am very proud of being ahead of the curve. The newly adopted rules of recruiting have changed the recruiting process drastically. The days of committing as a 8th or 9th grader are over. The days of preparing the players for that all important Junior year are back. Training a player in skills and lacrosse IQ are now much more important than the so called recruiting tournaments you attend. Having been a college, high school and pro coach over the last 30 years has enabled me to create close relationships with a wide variety of College coaches in Division 1, 2 or 3. Every player’s ability, academic standing and educational preference is different and over the years we have been able to place players in a school that is not only a good fit academically but also athletically. My son is a division 1 coach who keeps me informed of all the changing trends in the college lacrosse recruiting world. We also have joined the passport alliance http://www.passport-alliance.com/ (see affiliates) which consists of the top 11 recruited clubs in the country. This alliance held two tournaments last summer, “THE BEST OF THE BEST” which saw over 80 college coaches attending all three days of the tournament. And “THE LIBERTY BELL CHALLENGE” which saw over 100 college coaches attending all three days of the tournament. Our alliance paid these coaches and put them up in hotels to insure our older players (11th/12th grade) got a “good look”



Our focus is to provide each team with the best competition against like minded clubs and to put our recruiting age players in front of the college coaches. Every club claims and hypes the tournaments they attend as the best and in most cases are the tournaments’ they run and profit in. Helmets and gloves are a selling point for them but also a way to make more money. Playing on T.V. is great for the ego but does not make you a better player. We believe in taking your hard earned money and put it to good use by covering the costs of the indoor training, teaching skills and attending a minimum of 6 tournaments. Those are the things that make your child a better lacrosse player, not the shinny helmets and T.V. time.


In closing if you’re looking for the hype and the feeding of egos Team Long Island is not your club. If you’re looking for your son to become a better player and to have fun and be prepared to play at the next level well then Team Long Island is for you.

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